Review About Agarwood, the benefits that you can get

Do you know the agarwood? Plants that have a distinctive scent. Where this is the kind of scent sap (resin) that appears when the agarwood are infected by viruses or bacteria. Resin comes as antibodies against disorder that occurs on the trunk of agarwood. This plant is only found in Asia, especially tropical areas such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia. Agarwood is in great demand by people middle east, where they use it as a perfume, air freshener, naturally treatment and used as incense in religious ceremonies. In the picture, that are type of Aquilaria malaccensis, the kind of agarwood in Indonesia.

Around my home, you can find some of aloe with diameter up to 75-150cm, which thrives naturally. West Kalimantan as tropical rain forests, making the right place to find the best

Agarwood in Indonesia. Now many people cultivate these plants in their estates, including Our Team (GSK : Gaharu Super Kalbar).  Our team continues to provide counseling to farmers agarwood in Indonesia is growing with a working system that we provide.

Any sales agarwood set on grade and quality Super to salvage. The price for each class of Super can reach $ 2500/kg until $4000/kg (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia sell it up to $4000/kg). Too high a price of Agarwood, so that the plant is the most widely hunted by illegal loggers. However, the government did not ban because agarwood belongs to the non-timber forest products (NTFPs). You can sell as much as anything, as long as the items you are selling are clearly identified.

Agarwood in general sold as timber sharpener. To get the resin you need to distillation using a special tool. This tool serves to cook agarwood and boil at a certain temperature until separation of the resin in liquid form. The benefits of agarwood not only as a perfume or
naturally treatment, but the leaves can also be processed into tea agarwood which provides a lot of health benefits. Maybe you should try this tea, because of tremendous benefits can you get if consumed regularly.

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